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Top Roof Shingle Colors Most Popular in 2024

roof shingles colors most popular

Choosing the right color for your roof is an important decision. In 2023, there are several popular roof shingle colors that homeowners can choose from. The most popular colors include light brown hues like sand, taupe, and desert, as well as dark brown hues like autumnal brown and tree bark. Blue hues such as denim, navy, and sky are also trendy, along with green hues like forest, moss, and hunter. Off white hues like beige, stone, tan, and khaki are another popular choice. Additionally, there are some honorable mentions for 2021, including Owens Corning Red Copper and GAF TimberlineĀ® HDZ™ Hunter Green. When selecting a shingle color, it’s important to consider the style and size of your home. Different colors work better with certain architectural styles, and it’s also important to consider how the color will complement your siding.

Key Takeaways:

  • Light brown and dark brown shingle colors are popular choices for roofs in 2023.
  • Blue and green hues such as navy, sky, forest, and moss are trendy options.
  • Off-white colors like beige, stone, tan, and khaki are also popular.
  • Consider the style, size, and architectural features of your home when choosing a shingle color.
  • Ensure the chosen color complements your siding for a cohesive look.

How to Choose the Right Roof Shingle Color

When it comes to selecting a roof shingle color, there are a few key factors to consider. By making an informed decision, you can ensure that your roof not only protects your home but also enhances its overall aesthetic appeal. Here are some helpful tips for choosing the right roof shingle color:

1. Consider Your Siding Color

One essential aspect to keep in mind is how the roof shingle color will complement your siding. The goal is to create a cohesive and visually pleasing look for your home. Choose a color that harmonizes with the existing or intended siding color, whether it’s neutral, bold, or vibrant.

2. Texture Matters

Take into account the texture of your shingles and how they will interact with other premium siding materials. For instance, if you have cedar shakes or metal siding, certain shingle colors may work better than others to create a visually appealing contrast or blend.

3. Climate Considerations

Where you live can also influence your shingle color choice. In warmer climates, lighter-colored roofs are recommended as they reflect sunlight and help keep the interior of your home cool. Conversely, darker roofs are often preferred in coastal areas to complement the surroundings and conceal potential moisture stains.

4. Harmonize with Your Home’s Warmth or Coolness

Take a look at the warm or cool colors present in your home’s exterior and landscaping. Understanding these color tones will assist you in picking a roof shingle color that will create a visually pleasing and harmonious overall appearance.

By considering these tips, you can confidently choose a roof shingle color that will not only protect your home but also add beauty and curb appeal. Ultimately, the right color choice will enhance the overall look and feel of your home for years to come.

Roof Shingle Color Complementary Siding Colors
Light Brown (e.g., sand, taupe, desert) White, cream, beige, brown
Dark Brown (e.g., autumnal brown, tree bark) Beige, cream, tan, brown
Blue (e.g., denim, navy, sky) Gray, white, beige
Green (e.g., forest, moss, hunter) Beige, cream, brown, tan
Off White (e.g., beige, stone, tan, khaki) White, cream, gray

Best Color Combinations for Shingles and Siding

Choosing the right color combination for your roof shingles and siding is essential to create a visually appealing exterior for your home. With the right combination, you can enhance the overall curb appeal and make a lasting impression.

When it comes to white or cream siding, you have plenty of options for shingle colors. Whether you go for a bold red, earthy moss green, or classic black, these colors will work well and create a stunning contrast.

If you have gray siding, consider pairing it with dark shingle colors such as black, dark gray, or dark brown. The dark hues will create a modern and sophisticated look, adding depth and richness to your home’s exterior.

For those with red siding, it’s best to opt for a dark-colored roof such as black or dark gray. This combination will complement the vibrant red and create a striking and elegant look.

If your siding is tan or beige, you have the flexibility to choose from a range of shingle colors. Dark brown, gray, dark blue, or similarly-toned shingles will beautifully blend with the neutral tones of the siding.

Blue siding can be complemented with either dark shingles like black, gray, or dark brown for a cohesive and monochromatic look. Alternatively, you can choose lighter shingle colors to create a contrasting effect.

If you have brown siding, opt for a multi-colored roof with green, brown, and gray hues. This combination will add texture and visual interest, elevating the natural warmth of the brown siding.

Gray siding offers versatility, as it can be matched with any dark color such as dark gray, blue, green, or black. These combinations will create a sleek and contemporary appearance that is always in style.

If your home features natural wood siding, consider pairing it with darker brown or black shingles. These colors will beautifully complement the natural warmth and organic textures of the wood, creating a harmonious look.

When choosing shingle colors, it’s important to consider the architectural style of your home and any guidelines set by your neighborhood’s HOA. Additionally, consider the type of shingles, such as architectural shingles, as they can enhance the overall dimension and texture of your roof. Lastly, keep in mind factors like price and availability of shingle colors from manufacturers when making your final decision.

By carefully selecting the best color combinations for your roof shingles and siding, you can create a visually stunning exterior that reflects your personal style and enhances the overall beauty of your home.

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