How to Get Rid of Flies in Your Garage

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Flies buzzing around your garage can be annoying and unsanitary. Luckily, there are several effective methods to get rid of flies and keep them away for good. This article will explain why flies are attracted to garages, and provide tips on keeping your garage fly-free.

Why Flies Are Attracted to Garages

Flies are drawn to garages for a few reasons:

  • Trash cans – Garbage contains food waste and other organic matter that flies feed on. Trash cans left open attract flies.
  • Standing water – Small puddles or drips from cars can attract flies looking to lay eggs. Drain flies especially thrive in moist areas.
  • Access to the house – Open doors allow flies to move from the garage into your home. Closing the garage door helps block access.

Flies also like dark, enclosed spaces like garages. They can find shelter from weather and predators. Once a few flies find their way inside, they multiply quickly if food and breeding sources exist.

Tips for Keeping Flies Out of Your Garage

Here are some tips to help discourage flies from entering and breeding in your garage:

Remove Food Sources

  • Keep trash cans and recycling bins closed securely with tight-fitting lids.
  • Clean up any spills or food waste right away.
  • Store pet food in sealed containers.
  • Compost yard waste and food scraps far from the garage.

Fix any Standing Water Issues

  • Fix leaky pipes, hoses, or dripping air conditioners.
  • Use fans or dehumidifiers to dry out moist areas.
  • Drain or dry out puddles and bird baths near the garage.

Block Entry Points

  • Keep the garage door closed as much as possible.
  • Cover vents with fine mesh screens.
  • Seal cracks and openings around doors.
  • Install door sweeps or thresholds at garage door entrances.

Use Traps and Repellents

  • Hang fly paper ribbons around the garage to trap adults.
  • Put out bowls of apple cider vinegar with a drop of dish soap to attract and drown flies.
  • Apply granular fly bait in out-of-reach areas.
  • Spray repellents containing mint oil near entry points.

Bring in Natural Predators

  • Introduce parasitic wasps or nematodes to kill fly larvae before they hatch.
  • Attract spiders and other insect predators by avoiding broad-spectrum pesticides.

Keep Garage Free of Clutter

  • Organize tools, equipment, and materials.
  • Discard cardboard boxes and other potential fly habitats.
  • Rinse recyclables before storage.
  • Vacuum and sweep regularly to remove hair, dust, and debris.

By following these garage fly control tips, you can stop an infestation before it gets out of hand. Be vigilant about cleaning and denying access early in the season. With a few simple sanitation habits, you can keep those annoying flies away for good.

What Sprays and Smells Repel Flies?

Essential oils like peppermint, lemongrass, and eucalyptus work as fly repellents. Commercial flies sprays containing pyrethrins quickly kill flies on contact. Vinegar smells deter flies. Use apple cider vinegar traps. Pine-sol and other cleaners with strong scents can also help repel flies.

What are Tips for Eliminating Flies Fast?

Use a fly swatter or electric bug zapper to quickly kill adult flies in the garage. Hang sticky fly paper ribbons around your garage to trap flies. Make DIY vinegar traps by mixing apple cider vinegar, dish soap, and water. The vinegar lures flies in while the soap causes them to sink. Apply a fast-acting commercial fly spray labeled for indoor use in garages. Look for pyrethrin-based sprays that work quickly. Follow all label instructions.

How Can I Stop Flies from Entering?

Keep doors and windows closed to prevent more flies from getting into the garage. Seal cracks and openings with caulk to block entry points for flies. Install door sweeps or thresholds to seal gaps. Use fans or dehumidifiers to keep the garage dry, as flies are attracted to moisture.

How Do I Get Rid of Drain Flies?

Clean out drains and traps to remove organic buildup that drain flies feed on. Flush pipes with boiling water or a bleach solution to kill larvae. Cover drains when not in use to block adult flies from laying eggs. Fix any plumbing leaks that allow moisture accumulation and breeding. If needed, consider running new plumbing lines to your detached garage to address drainage issues.

How Can I Prevent Future Infestations?

Eliminate food sources like uncovered trash cans or pet food that can attract flies to the garage. Fix moisture issues and standing water that flies use for breeding. Block entryways and seal cracks so flies can’t make their way inside.

What Natural Fly Traps Can I Use?

Funnel flies into bottles by adding soap water or vinegar, which lures flies in where they drown. Hang sticky fly paper to passively catch flies landing on the ribbons. Grow trap plants like pitcher plants near the garage, which attract flies into their pitchers.

With vigilant sanitation and exclusion tactics, you can reclaim your garage and prevent future fly problems.

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